State of the Art Lead Generating Software

Offering state-of-the-art lead generation software programs, one of which is KV Core. KV Core helps generate high quality leads while giving you the opportunity to nurture current, past, and present leads. KV Core is also an IDX Website. This program is the most modern and comprehensive real estate technology solution in the industry. This all comes at no additional cost to the agent. In addition, our agents have over 700 lead opportunities a month from our in house direct marketing program. Website, CRM, leads..... we have it all.

Winning Culture

We are a modern team that believes in uplifting each other, achieving goals, and building together. We have weekly zoom meetings to discuss current deals, lead generation, TREC updates, vendors/affiliates and so much more. As a team leader, Somer helps develop morale and maximize productivity. We truly embrace the team culture and we all thrive from this.

Ability to Grow Internationally/Modern Team

We work for the fastest-growing global real estate company. Our agents have the ability to attract agents from all over the world to our ever-growing modern team. Why limit yourself to a traditional brokerage where revenue sharing is not an option? The average millionaire has seven streams of income, Exp Realty can provide three of those streams. In addition, when you're ready to lead your own team, you can recruit agents to your personal team restraints, just opportunity. Make money on thousands of real estate transactions monthly!

Virtual Growth, Innovation & Robust Technology 

Exp's is the world's first cloud-based brokerage. Our team has the ability to work virtually and remotely... literally in every aspect. Exp's proprietary platform gives agents autonomy and greater visibility into important business metrics such as transactions, commissions, capping status, and awards.

When joining Tinsley Realty Group you are immediately in line with some of the top agents in the industry.  These agents provide mentorship and exclusive training for our team.

Somer Tinsley

Ranked in the top 3% in the nation. With Realty Executives for 7 years. Started a successful real estate team, Tinsley Realty Group. Moved the team to eXp in January.

Tierny Jordan

Ranked in the top 1% in the nation, closed 201 trans and 43million last year

Adam Bailey

Independent Broker ranked 9-12th in the nation for the last 5 years. Making 1.5 million a year in revenue share.

Jeff Wilhems

Ran top Remax team out of Tucson- runs a top team that closes 600-700 transactions a year

Brent Gove

Was with Remax for 11 years, KW for 8 now at exp, his team closes 120 million in volume a year

Rob Flick

Was with KW, currently making over 500k a month in rev share.

Gene Frederick

1 of the first 10 KW agents in Texas, helped build KW, was there 22 years, came out of retirement, and sold 6 KW market centers he owned and 1 KW region he owned to come to EXP.  Currently making over 500k a month in rev share

Glenn Sanford

The founder of eXp Realty.

Live Training and Classes

When you join eXp you have access to live training in several forms, 7 days a week from some of the top agents in the world. Exp also offers a Fast Start Series for new agents and an on-demand library. There are more than 50 hours of live training each week and there is always a current calendar of events readily accessible. Aside from the training provided by exp Realty, our team leader hosts biweekly training that covers a vast array of real estate topics. The mentorship provided by our team lead as well as our upline is incredible and invaluable in this industry. 

Agents are Shareholders

💰 Stock Awards 💰

eXp offers every agent the opportunity to become a shareholder in their own company. When we grow, you grow! Agents can earn equity awards through several channels, starting with closing their first transaction. Other ways of achieving stock awards include, when you fully cap and when an agent you sponsor closes their first transaction. You can also enroll to be paid a small percentage of your commission to purchase stock at a discounted rate. 

No Costly Overhead

With eXp, there are no desk fees, royalty fees, or franchise fees. This really speaks for itself. Not only is eXp in the business of making you money, they are also saving you money. Tinsley Realty Group follows this same model.

Revenue Share 

Income & Generational Wealth

Create a retirement plan and generational wealth. As an agent with eXp, you have the opportunity to receive revenue share income from the sales activity of the productive agents that you sponsor. We are rewarded for building long-lasting partnerships! Where else is this possible? This grows organically and creates a form of passive income.


eXp Realty has partnered with Clearwater Benefits to afford the agents an opportunity for healthcare. This program provides low-cost choices for agents.

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